OnePlus 7 Screen Size Resolution Type & Pixel Density

OnePlus 7 is a phone that i was very anticipated about. OnePlus 7 Display Specs Screen Size 6.4 inch Screen Resolution 2280 x 1080 pixels Screen Type Optic AMOLED Pixel Density 394 PPI OnePlus as a whole is making one of the best smartphones on the market and i was very curious about what they…

OnePlus 7 Slidable Front Selfie Camera | OnePlus Seven Penta Camera 2019

OnePlus 7 is a smartphone that was highly anticipated and rightfully so. One of the coolest features of OnePlus 7 is the Front camera mechanism. As probably some you already know OnePlus 7 will be a sliding smartphone which will save the need of notch or a “hole” for a front selfie camera.

Tik Tok How to filter transition

Tik Tok is being one of the fastest growing apps on the google play right now. So many memes has came out of it and many consider it to be something like the new Vine. One of the things i saw many people wonder is how to filter transition, here’s the best video guide on…

How To Change Time Format On Mi Band 2

Mi Band 2 is one of the best budget fitness bracelets that you can get. There are so many features and the price is very good. One of the things i saw many people asking was how to change the time on Mi Band 2. Here’s a video guide on the topic:

Spotify how to know who follows your playlist

For the longest time i used to just upload MP3 files to listen music on my phone. But recently i started using the free version of Spotify. It is very cool to be able to create your own playlists there, but something i wondered was how to know who is following me there.

Sony WH1000xm3 Noise Cancellation Test Review

I just started to be interested in what is new when it comes to headphones. And one of the headphones that really got my attention was Sony WH1000xm3. One of the most popular topic when it comes to testing any premium headphones is the noise cancellation. Here’s how Sony WH1000xm3 is performing when it comes…

Huawei P30 Pro Camera Video & Selfie Test Review

I’ve recently got one of the Huawei P series phones and i was very happy with it. Now the latest phone from the P series is the Huawei P30 Pro. The phone looks very impressive and it is the best of all other from the P series of Huawei. One of the things that i…

Whatsapp how to change background 2019

One of the best communication apps for years now is Whatsapp. I started using it pretty late, before that i was using mostly messenger and skype. One of the things that i was looking a lot for was how to change the background of whatsapp. Here i will leave the most useful guide on the…

Nova Launcher How To Change Icons

My previous phone had very annoying default icons structure and i really wanted to change it. This is how i found Nova Launcher which is probably the best app for such purposes. But one of the things i really struggled with was how to change things about the icons themselves, especially the size.

Swiftkey How To Turn Off Predictive Text Disable

I recently got a new phone and i had to deal with the SwiftKey keyboard. One of the things that i struggled with and i saw a lot of other people dealing with the same was how to turn off the predictive text. Here i will leave a video guide on the topic: