How To Do WordPress Theme Customization 2018

WordPress theme customization is a must if you want your website to look unique and for you to have the ability to make design it exactly how you wan’t it.

I’m gonna show you the best ways to customize WordPress theme and it can actually be pretty fun once you understand how it works.

How To Do WordPress Theme Customization

1. CSS

If you’re a non-tech when you hear any kind of coding you’re probably like: oh no that’s too complicated.. but this way is very simple and it’s fun.

The way to customize your theme with CSS is by opening 2 things :

Step 1: Open Inspect Element to find the name of the object

Step 2: Go to: your website/Costomize/Additional CSS

How to customize wordpdress css

The way it works is actually very simple, you adres the name of the object and then you just enter the command.

Maybe you’re asking well how to know the commands?

Just type in Google what you wanna do + CSS

For example try googling: Change size CSS


2. Trough the admin settings

There are plugins for customizing theme and also there are integrated settings in the WordPress dashboard itself or also in the theme settings.

Here are some plugins who will help you customize your WordPress theme:

  1. “Easy Fonts”
  2. “Styles”
  3. ” Elementor 2.0 “
  4. “Simple Customize”
  5. “WP Customize”


3. Page Builder such as Elementor 2.0 & Beaver Builder

Some people say that page builders are the future of making websites with WordPress and also the best way to create customized site if you’re a non-tech.

The way page builders work is trough drag and drop, you just take an element and you place it pretty much wherever you wan’t.

Elementor 2.0 wordpdress

There are many different page builders in WordPress so here are the most used and relevant ones now, in 2018.

Elementor Page Builder 2.0 : This one is my personal favorite and i use Elementor2.0 for big part of my customized WordPress.


4. PHP

This is an overall non-tech guide so we won’t get deep in to PHP theme customization for WordPress.

In order for you to customize your WordPress theme this way you gotta know PHP pretty well, or maybe hire a professional freelancer, there’s plenty of websites for this purpose.

Since we’re on this topic here’s how it’s done and how to reach the code:

How to customize php wordpress theme

Important disclaimer: don’t touch the PHP code here if you’re not specialist, otherwise the website may crash.

However if this thing ever happen to you the solution is to call or email your hosting provider and tell them you messed up and you wanna use a backup.


In case you still have some uncleared questions here are some guides and tips from youtube on how to do wordpress theme customization: