How to Use The NEW Instagram Story Countdown Sticker

In the past 1 year i already stopped using facebook and redirected my attention to Instagram. Instagram is just so much more cleaner and much simpler and nice to use.

One of the things i really like about Instagram is the fact that they are constantly releasing new cool features, such as the story stickers.

The story is something that i was fairly recently added to Instagram and a lot of people are saying that they took the idea from Snapchat. I personally have never been a fan of snapchat so Instagram is the first place where i actually started using stories.

Here we gonna talk about a specific Sticker for Instagram stories and that is the Countdown Sticker.

The Countdown Sticker is a Countdown feature that you can add yo your story that will count the time till some event or just a time that you set.

The way to setup the Countdown Sticker is simply by creating a regular story in Instagram, then go to the sticker Icon on the top of the screen and you will find there the Countdown Sticker.

Now after you put the Countdown Sticker in your story you will have to set the Countdown from certain time. You just enter any time you wan’t with numbers.

Then you will be able to choose from different colors of the Countdown Sticker.

Finally you will be given the opportunity to set it also as a reminder.

And that’s pretty much all you need to know about the Countdown Sticker/ It is a very simple but yet very cool feature and i hope Instagram continues to add such awesome things to the app.