Meta Slider Guide Free WordPress Slider Tips

Meta Slider Tutorial Guide Worpdress 2018

The slider is one of the main components in the structure of most websites.

In this case we gonna use the most popular slider in WordPress Meta Slider plugin.

It is the place where you can display your offers or different types of messages for your clients.

It’s time for me to walk you trough the process of making a slider.

How do i even get Meta Slider on my website?

On your WordPress dashboard you go to Plugins / Add New / Then you type Meta Slider in the search bar / Install / Activate


Is Meta Slider free?

Yes Meta Slider is free even tough it has pro version which is paid, but you can use the free one without any problem.


How many images can i add to meta slider?

I’m using it from years now and I’ve never reached a limit so i guess it’s fair to say probably there’s no limit, but you should be careful not to put too many heavy images with big size cause this may affect the loading speed of your page.

Another tip that i have for you is to compress your images before putting them in to Meta Slider or any other place in your website.

There are many sites and software for compressing and reducing the size of images online.

meta slider tutorial guide

Step 1 – Open the plugin
After you have installed & activated the plugin you should be able to find it on the bottom left of your dashboard. It should say Meta Slider

Step 2 – Create The Slider
This happens simply by clicking the button create slider

Step 3 – Upload the images
This happens simply by clicking add new slides

Step 4 – Set the order
This happens just by clicking and dragging the different slides.

Step 5 – Chose transition (optional)
Some transitions may be available just for the Pro version